Osmosis in the trees
Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2023

Takilma, OR

Previously hosted exclusively at the hallowed Ming Lounge, a century-old Chinese restaurant in Portland, Osmosis has found a second home amidst the tranquil beauty of the trees. With a penchant for bringing hi-fi soundscapes to DIY spaces, the Osmosis team has been hard at work curating a weekend of audio/visual immersion.

Osmosis in the trees highlights selectors from the burgeoning Portland dance music scene and invites impactful artists from around the world to share their findings in club, ambient, and experimental sounds.

Join us September 29 through October 1st for two nights of music and magic.


Stay tuned over @osmosis.world as we continue to announce artists!
Image of DJ 8maos with their name overlayed on the photo
In 2019 Miles left the corporate world behind and moved into his van, making the transition from business casual to party professional. His two favorite things in life are nature and music and he's spent these past 4 years diving deep into both, traveling through the wilderness and sparking pop-up raves with the solar powered sound system in Vansita as he goes.

His Travels have given him the opportunity to soundtrack a wide range of events from clubs in Romania and warehouses in Portland, to desert sunrises, woodsy cabin raves, beaches in Hawaii, and ecstatic dances in the jungles of Guatemala. Miles draws on natural sounds and instruments combined with deep, minimal grooves and raw tactile textures to create the ideal ambience for every set and setting. The joy of selecting tracks for each unique environment, for the vibe of the party, and for the people on the dance floor (or the cuddle puddle) is what keeps him going.
Image of DJ Aaron J with their name overlayed on the photo
Founder of Sure Thing, a label, event, and mix series dedicated to developing the audience for experimental and boundary-pushing electronic music throughout the US.

As a performer, Aaron is inspired by the complex conversations that occur between music and emotion on the dance floor, and the way we experience these interactions together. Reflecting upon memories of these conversations, each set leaps between delicately layered moments that are at times expansile, blissful, and propulsive toward an energetic infinity.
Image of DJ Adam 2 with their name overlayed on the photo
For Adam 2, electronic music has always provided an opportunity for self-discovery, creative exploration, and personal liberation.

Since 2016, the Vancouver-based producer and DJ have worn multiple hats in the city’s growing scene, fulfilling the roles of promoter, music curator, and co-founder of Techno label PPRZ.  2020 saw the release of featured mixes on Honcho, Techno Hour of Power, and the creation of Afrofuturism is Now – a mix series amplifying the music of Black artists. As COVID-19 restrictions were lifted at the end of 2021, Adam 2 maintained their stride sharing the bill with Carlos Souffront, Shanti Celeste, and Objekt, along with launching their latest venture, PPRZ, a Vancouver-based label curated by queer, POC artists.

As Adam 2’s career gains momentum, they continue to build their reputation by transfixing audiences with evocative, experimental techno that intersects dynamic physicality and playful cerebralism.
Image of DJ Andrew Paris with their name overlayed on the photo
Andrew Paris has twenty-five years of experience DJing and is based in Portland, where he promotes events as Faceless and avidly collects records.
Image of DJ Andy Warren with their name overlayed on the photo
Andy Warren is a DJ and an all-around record fanatic who has helped elevate the underground dance music scene in Portland, Oregon, by organizing consistent, quality events for over ten years. Warren has built a bridge for international artists touring the west coast of America through his party collective, ‘Believe You Me,’ which he’s run alongside partner Robert Ginkgo. His energy and reverence for the history and culture of DJing have not only helped make Portland a tour stop and ushered in blissful day parties and cozy after-hour gatherings curated to explore body music beyond its contemporary realms.

To that end, Warren is a selector who is not afraid to take risks when he steps into the booth, channeling layered emotions and varied rhythms with new and old flavors of house, techno, disco, ambient, electro, and experimental music.
Image of DJ Ben Bondy with their name overlayed on the photo
Ben Bondy is an expert purveyor of diaphanous ambience and he’s never short on wares.

In the past two years the Brooklynite released nearly a dozen albums, all of them essential comforts bearing subtle moods and gentle demeanors, dubby pulses and blissed-out reveries. From time to time, he’s gracefully ventured into peripheral territories like downtempo or IDM, and his collaborations have extended his sonic boundaries further: the Blessed Kitty, with Pontiac Streator and Ulla, features vocals, while his stint with producer uon as xphresh includes a celestial breakbeat.

Bondy’s secret is approaching liminality not as conduit or provocative end point but as something beguilingly uncertain. It’s this recalibration of expectations that makes his sound a marvel— Bondy sells ephemerality as something irresistible.
Image of DJ Ben Tactic with their name overlayed on the photo
Ben Tactic is a seasoned DJ, promoter and curator from Portland (via Kansas City) and founder of Spend The Night.

A product of the late-90s Midwest rave scene he started DJing and throwing raves at 18 and hasn't looked back.  His ethos with both his DJ sets and events has always been to create a conversation between dance music's rich history and it's most contemporary forms. 

Over the years he's hosted or performed with artists like Theo Parrish, Ben UFO, Avalon Emerson, DJ Deeon (RIP), Four Tet, Shanti Celeste, Kevin Saunderson & many more.
Image of DJ Bizio with their name overlayed on the photo
Nico Bisio, better known as Bizio, has been a driving dance floor force in the Pacific Northwest for nearly a decade. Known for his smooth blends of weaving rich melodies, psychedelic soundscapes, and brain-tickling noises, he serves these sounds on a plate of house music rhythms straight to your ears. From those very ears, Bizio always takes the dance floor on a journey with him both inward and outward, as above, so below. “Through the communal nature of dance, we find peace and healing in each other, and for a beautiful moment, we become one without a care in the world, with the hope we can bring a piece of that euphoria back to our day-to-day.” This philosophy has been the guiding ethos in all endeavors Bizio has embarked on in dance.

Bizio most recently has created his own music, with his most notable releases in collaboration with his dear friend Luke Mandala on Desert Trax and Merkaba Music. More original music should be expected imminently, until then, see you on the dance floor.

Image of DJ Brian Close with their name overlayed on the photo
Brian Close is a sound & image artist, part of a/v collective Georgia - w releases on Palto Flats, Meakusma, Firecracker Recordings, Good Morning Tapes, Youth, Emotional Response, Métron, OOH-Sounds, Kashual Plastik, Ekster….As well as Monthly broadcasts with NTS radio, and The Lot Radio.

cay horiuchi (they/them) is a Japanese American DJ and artist based in the unceded lands of the Chinook and Multnomah tribes. cay is a co-founder of UwU, a multidisciplinary artist collective creating underground events for T/GNC and QTBIPOC communities to dance in safety.

cay weaves in multitudes of genres from house, humidifier bass, disco, zouk, city pop, to ambient into their playful set, guiding the dancers to a place beyond binary and borders. Through their set filled with imagination and infinite giggles, they wish to help create a sweet dance floor where people can dance freely with friends and lovers under the sun and the moon.
Photo credit: @evanbenallyatwood

Image of DJ Chad David with their name overlayed on the photo
A seasoned patron of the rave, Chad found his way onto the scene @ an early age. He was finding freedom and an instinctual understanding within rhythm, self-expression, and dance. When the covid pandemic pushed us into our isolation, Chad was gifted a Pioneer DDJ, transmuting his love of music + movement to new forms behind the decks. Wild echoes of forbidden landscapes on the cutting edge of dance music, past + present. Percussive, sensual, and joyous deep earth tones. Euphoric nostalgia laced with futurism. His sets provide opportunities to experience a full range of emotions, hoping to provide a container for more thoughtful, growth-promoting dance experiences.
Image of DJ Eft with their name overlayed on the photo
DJ Eft's artistic journey takes him on a mystical exploration, delving deep into the hidden corners of the Pacific Northwest's lush landscapes. Immersed in the natural wonders of the region's ancient forests and majestic oceans, he absorbs the sounds and flavors that permeate these sacred spaces. With each sonic encounter, DJ Eft weaves a tapestry of emotions and experiences that resonate with the essence of his surroundings.

With roots in the pine barrens of New Jersey and streets of Philadelphia, DJ Eft, also known as Mugwert, has become an influential figure in the thriving music scene of his now home town Portland. Eft contributes regularly as a resident, poster designer, and curator to the budding two-room techno forward party "Osmosis", hosted in a 100 year old Chinese restaurant and lounge.

Dedicated in every sense to the work of creating space for dance DJ Eft lays his heart out in everything he does, culminating into something unmistakably emotional and earnest.

Image of DJ Having Sex with their name overlayed on the photo
Dani Loose, better known as DJ Having Sex, has established themselves as one of Seattle’s leading voices in the underground. Their sets are characteristically unpredictable, confident, and technically impressive; they’ve djed for over ten years and in that time, they’ve honed in on their ability to take the dancefloor into their own hands and produce narratively strong sets that go in many directions but never lose the plot.

Dani is a nightlife devotee: currently working by day as a booking agent for Surefire and formerly managed the bookings at Kremwerk, which earned the club accolades from Pitchfork and Resident Advisor.
Image of DJ Hockey with their name overlayed on the photo
DJ Hockey approaches techno by intermingling layers of contrasting elements. Defining characteristics for his selections are grounded, thick, encompassing atmospheres, often on the introspective side. Psychedelia is present in his musical expressions crafting emotional journeys resulting in playful and groovy sets, most recently closing out the night for Wata Igarashi in Vancouver, B.C.

With well-received releases on labels Modelfuture, PPRZ, and RF Records, DJ Hockey is propelling his signature warp-speed techno with his productions and is working on more EPs for 2023.

DJ Hockey started the PPRZ records and mixed series with Adam 2 to showcase techno from the PNW and beyond with a cheeky nod to queer culture in underground dance music.
Image of DJ frankl1n with their name overlayed on the photo
Hailing from the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest is frankl1n. Drawing inspiration from balearic, trippy disco, house, techno, and minimalist sounds, he satisfies a hunger for a wide breadth of genres.

Ever curious, endlessly exploring new realms - frankl1n conjures sonic magic like a fog-wielding wizard, weaving together a tapestry of mesmerizing beats and hypnotic melodies.
Image of DJ IHA with their name overlayed on the photo
IHA is a Vancouver-based curator and organizer well known in the underground scene for their playful approach through unlikely blends and eccentric sound design. Their genre-bending mixes and production are shapeshifting and emotionally charged, guided by spontaneity and highly Influenced by time, place, and feeling.

IHA’s ethos, centered around community building, is expressed through collectives Acceleration (FM radio and live stream) and Nautilus (ambient and downtempo event series); they cultivate connections and skill sharing through Discord and NAGA, their label underway. With releases under local label PPRZ and on many local podcasts and beyond in only the last two years, they perform the occasional ambient/experimental live PA.
Image of Jake Muir with their name overlayed on the photo
Born and raised in the valleys of Los Angeles, Jake Muir was blessed with the opportunity to develop a deep early connection with sound. Whether hiking and examining California's rich sonic landscape or listening to surf rock with his dad, Muir became fascinated with his surroundings. Now based in Berlin, Germany, Muir brings this early infatuation into his work as a sound artist, DJ, and field recordist, centering his work around "found sound" collected from the world around him, whether it's vinyl loops, video snippets or environmental recordings.

Muir has released several albums, EPs, and collaborations, channeling different concepts and techniques into each. 2018's acclaimed "Lady's Mantle," released on Manchester's sferic imprint, was based around heavily manipulated samples of classic surf rock tracks, and 2021's Boomkat-released "Safe," with Xela, was assembled from recordings of central Berlin under lockdown. In late 2021, Muir released "Mana" on Munich's Ilian Tape imprint, returning to the much-maligned illbient subgenre. Last year he teamed up with US guitarist and producer Evan Caminiti to devise "Talisman," a death metal-inspired zoner described by Boomkat as "anti-ambient."
Image of DJ Jason Burns with their name overlayed on the photo
Jason Burns is a veteran DJ and producer with releases on Nervous, Toolroom, Planet 9, and many others. Jason Burns has a reputation for defying genre conventions. Drawing from various influences, including disco, house, techno, electro, UKG, and Jungle, he has molded a unique sound that doesn’t fit neatly into any box.

Look out for his recent collab with Lauren Flax and Peter Sheppard, now on MovelTraxx.
Image of DJ Kiki Kudo with their name overlayed on the photo
Kiki Kudo is a prolifically ranged artist known mostly for her accomplishments as a chef, writer, and music producer. Born in Japan, she moved to NYC in 2011. Kiki released her debut experimental techno EP, "Splashing." through the US label Incienso in 2018. She has contributed to compilations such as Workshop 28 (Germany, 2019) and Good Morning Tapes (France, 2020) In 2022, she released her first cookbook via the fashion brand Perks and Mini, as well as her second 12’, "Profile Eterna" on The Trilogy Tapes (UK) imprint.

All artists will have the privilege of experiencing Kiki’s culinary blessings with catered meals at Osmosis in the trees. 💫

K Wata is an NYC-based artist, DJ, and SLINK label/club night co-founder. Boomkat has described his sound as “bassbin minimalism,” using layers of textural sound design to build spiraling blends of spacious dub and skeletal club rhythms, all imbued with a healthy dose of soundsystem pressure. He has previously released music on Anno, SLINK, Grid, N-Face, and 29Speedway. K Wata will offer us a live set at Osmosis In The Trees.
Image of DJ laylow with their name overlayed on the photo
A veteran dj who made his bones in rave and art circles, laylow combines his uncompromising taste and meticulous ear to create uplifting and soulful dancefloor experiences.

laylow is a stylish digger at his core—the countless hours he spends honing his craft and collection yield dizzying and transformative sets that harmonize the contrasting tempos and moods of soul, funk, disco, house, and techno.  By carefully calibrating voltage and frequency, laylow’s sonic labors of love keep bodies moving and grooving.
Image of DJ LVT with their name overlayed on the photo
LVT has been a feature of Vancouver's underground scene for 10 years, beginning with her Bound By Sound Parties in 2013. After first performing a live set of her own music she decided to dive headfirst into the realm of musical performance as a DJ. She's honed in on her sound through countless sets played at Vancouver's best underground venues, as well as festivals such as Bass Coast, Electric Love and her own boutique festival, Aqua Lucidity - which garnered high praise during its 3 year run.

Though versatile with an expansive collection and enjoyment of many genres; a specific depth and storytelling is present in all of LVTs sets, luring the audience into her magical musical wonderland with euphoric and emotional, often driving and smoothly blended tracks. She's done handfuls of well received mixes from ambient to techno on podcasts such as Deep Breakfast, Monument and most recently Delayed.

In 2021 she joined DOLLY as a curator, organizing programming and booking talent at what would become one of Vancouver's favourite afterhours. She's been an integral part of building her local scene, supporting local talents and bringing in world class DJs with a polished sensibility drawn from her years of experience and lifetime of interest in the underground. She continues to push forward on this path, going all the way in and never turning back.
Image of DJ Migsy with their name overlayed on the photo
Weaving threads of sound from the intersections of the dance floor to the late night afters den, migsy is naturally drawn to the sounds of dub techno, acid house, queer rave music, and spaced out ambient. he is a firm believer in the communal liberation that can be found in the contours of a dance floor.

Migsy weaves threads of sound from the intersections of the dance floor to the late-night afters den and is naturally drawn to the sounds of dub techno, acid house, queer rave music, and spaced-out ambient. He firmly believes in the communal liberation found in the contours of a dance floor.
Image of DJ Morph with their name overlayed on the photo
Morph is Murphy Welch, a selector existing on the reverberating membrane that connects possible futures to ancient pasts.

Shifting from club bangers to psychedelic, textural left field explorations at any and all energy levels his sets are somatic celebrations of amphibious rhythm inspired by the Pacific Northwest biomes around his home base in Portland, Oregon.

The stone at the center of dance music is the trance state, and every selection Morph makes is intended to point the listener back to this prospective journey. By using undulating dynamics, attention grabbing song elements, and cheeky, trickster invoking tracks he continually embodies his name and delivers a singular message:

To morph is to change and change is the only constant.
Image of DJ NAP with their name overlayed on the photo
Founder of the label Isla and an integral part of projects such as Ambien Baby, Dosis, La Fe, SINNAZ, Sin Limites, and OSS, the Colombian-born artist inhabits a ‘wild card’ space within his deejaying and productions where everything goes, and nothing is off limits. Open to any sort of playing situation (from the rave to the chill-out and in between), and you can always expect an empathetic and hybrid set of grooves from a free-willin’ selector.

︎ ︎

︎ ︎ 
Image of DJ nite bite with their name overlayed on the photo
nite bite is the moniker of Emma Scruggs, an avid midnight snacker and curator of fun things. She exudes focused yet playful creativity in her sets inspired by the special bonds she forges with the community around her.

Having grown up in Japan and spending most of her life on the West Coast, she is a master of all things chill but also knows how to turn up with left-field techno and heavy bass infused with an archive of 90’s rave tunes that always spice up her sets.
Image of DJ Nolid with their name overlayed on the photo
Nolid is a Portland-based DJ, and member of the nonbinary, queer, trans, and POC-centered artist collective UwU. An active part of the crew’s Xray.fm radio show, and one half of Mate Mind with Argonaute, a former left-field electronics radio show on Freeform Portland.

Nolid’s sound is an eclectic journey that traverses many genres. Their intention as a DJ is to bring community closer and create healing moments drawing from sounds that are familiar, yet warped.
Image of DJ Overland with their name overlayed on the photo
Overland is a rave inciter and beat architect shaped by her upbringing in small town Alberta, Canada, and an itinerant way of life guided by the magnetism of disparate musical influences.

With notable sojourns in London, UK and Vancouver, British Columbia, Overland’s journey has taken her from organizing hometown warehouse raves and beachside renegades to high profile bookings at Berlin’s Tresor and Boiler Room x Igloofest Montreal. Echoes of the myriad of people and places that have helped her flourish can be heard in her playful, high-energy mixes and simmering sets that weave morphing basslines with propulsive beats. Her driving, dynamic and acid-laced productions have been released on Lisbon’s Naive and New York’s Sweat Equity.

Two new records will follow this year on the Berlin-based label run by Marie Montexier, Paryía and Priori’s Canadian imprint, GARMO. Fresh off the back of a newly minted residency for Rinse France, Overland’s mark on Canadian dance music continues to thrive and shows no sign of slowing down.
Image of DJ Peter Sheppard with their name overlayed on the photo
Peter Sheppard co-founded Hold Music, Forest Friends, Acid Cult, and the Your Sunday Best day party series and deeply loves bringing humans together to rave. A native hailing from Portland, Oregon, he probably won't stop smiling or dancing until the day he dies. His fascination with music began as a child playing piano, influenced mostly by jazz and funk, which has continued as the driving force behind his productions and DJ sets.

A dancer at heart, Peter is always searching for ways to laugh and create light-hearted connections with the people around him. Watch for his most recent release, "Dada Entry," with Lauren Flax and Jason Burns on London/UK-based label, Moveltraxx.
Image of DJ plus with their name overlayed on the photo
'plus' is the electronic alias of musician george gall. known for his involvement in portland-based party WERM, his percussion-based musical training and unpredictability makes his live sets really fun and super good to dance to. 2023 has bore witness to his first shows overseas, with his berlin debut in march @ club-OST. expect high tempos, versatile selection and a refreshing signature sound.
Image of DJ Sean Watson with their name overlayed on the photo
Sean Watson is a Phoenix based dj and producer who has helped evolve underground and independent music over the last 14 years. He is a veteran of 5 Bonnaroo Festivals, a resident on the Kalliope art car and can be found every year at many camps dropping jams at Burning Man.

He has released music on Re:Sound Records with Micheal Hooker and has new releases coming out before the end of the year on Mise En Place Records with WAV4MS.
Image of DJ Selene with their name overlayed on the photo
Selene (fka Aos) is a DJ, producer, and event organizer from Seattle. They are affiliated with the collective, secondnature, and have worked on a breadth of projects ranging from underground parties, to community-centered events, and educational workshops.

Musically, they are drawn to texture, melody, and voice and the ways in which these things are expressed through technology-driven genres with a focus in techno, breaks, and ambient/experimental. Their DJ and live sets are playful, genre-bending, and expressive.
Image of DJ Silpher with their name overlayed on the photo
Playing tracks for people, helping to illuminate the path to better music, has been Silpher's passion ever since he started making Industrial and EBM mix tapes with a single cd player and tape deck, early in his teens.  In the fall of 1992, fairly soon after he started attending the University of Oregon, Silpher stumbled upon his first rave.  It was love at first sight, reorienting his focus directly on everything related to Electronic Dance Music, starting with helping to found the University of Oregon's campus radio station (KWVA), as the Electronic Music Director, and eventually the Programming Director.  Since then, Silpher has thrown parties, owned and operated a ServoDrive / Sound Physics Labs sound system ​(Stylus Systems), owned and managed a record store (Stylus Grooves), designed party flyers, and taught other interested folks his knowledge and experience as often as possible.

The electronic dance music scene is in Silpher's blood, and he can't see living without it.

Currently, Silpher resides in Portland, OR, managing sound systems around town, and playing clubs and festivals throughout the year.
Image of DJ Special Guest DJ with their name overlayed on the photo
"if you know, you know" 3XL cowboy, loves bass n sci fi.

resident DJ at kwia in Berlin.

parties: headbangers ball, lucky lotto, spin cycle, dance tutorial and vague music.

aka Caveman LSD, fka uon, aka DJ paradise, as xphresh w/ Ben Bondy, hoodie w/ Naemi, sofa w/ Ulla. Part of cypher & thru on Appendix.Files, Critical Amnesia & Ghostride The Drift on xpq?

Succubass is the moniker of Jess Duran, a deep root of Seattle’s electronic music scene since 2013. Succubass seeks to strengthen the foundations of the community through her countless hours of service to the scene through her work with sound systems, her involvement in the TUF and High + Tight collectives, being a rave-auntie to many, and primarily for being a unanimously admired performer.

Jess’s sound is characteristically unbeholden to genres or tempo, proving her prowess in all fields. It’s rare when a DJ can prove equal strength playing sweaty blistering 3 AM techno, as well as they can elicit an ego-shattering ambient set. Yet, Jess navigates every situation with prowess and confidence.
Image of DJ Tap the Flow with their name overlayed on the photo
Adrian De Los Rios, known as Tap The Flow, has been a DJ for 20 years. He was an integral part of the Mexican label Undergroove Music, producing and participating in events around Mexico City and the Mayan Riviera for 14 years, and is now at the newly minted label and agency Awakening Sound Division as founding member, content editor, and music curator.

Since moving to the PNW and as an Osmosis resident, he has been making waves with his fluid and varied sets since 2017.
Image of DJs tech.nician with their name overlayed on the photo
tech.nician is Nic and Ian (Gardenparty and WAV4MS)
Image of DJ tondiue with their name overlayed on the photo
tondiue is the vessel conveying the musical expressions of Seattleite Cameron Kelley. These expressions manifest as productions and performances that guide listeners through the ever-evolving environments of sonic psychedelia, from deep listening to ecstatic dance while channeling the sacred roots of dub and afro futuristic sound design. Aqueous drones, expansive atmospheres, and entrancing rhythms cultivate the auditory biomes of tondiue's zone.

Beyond the sonic explorations of tondiue, Cameron actively contributes to Seattle's vibrant electronic and experimental music communities. As co-founder of the stylistically diverse record label @apt__e, and co-curator of the experimental music festival Ground Hum, Cameron plays a vital role in fostering spaces where artists throughout the Pacific Northwest can showcase their innovative creations and push the boundaries of sonic expression.
Image of DJ Vakkuum with their name overlayed on the photo
Vakkuum is a name many of you will recognize from his early releases on Tiga's Turbo Recordings out of Montreal, Canada.

As a DJ and producer, Wyatt has curated moments on dancefloors worldwide through the support of many internationally renowned acts, and his impressions left as support for those acts.

Since relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Wyatt has remained a secret weapon behind our decks, including Spend the Night and Kremwerk parties dating back to 2017.
Image of DJ x3bytterfly with their name overlayed on the photo
Inspired from early industrial and techno pioneers, x3butterfly’s sets retain a raw and ominous quality with a club twist. Prioritizing the eclectic, they often aim to take listeners on a story-telling journey while simultaneously keeping them on the dance floor. Their sets combine jungle, drum and bass, R&B, dubstep, techno, and other world sounds at 140 - 160 bpm.

X3butterfly has played in various clubs in Mexico, Germany, Denmark, and Greece, as well as many cities in the US. They have quickly become rising NYC star, DJing notorious NYC venues such as Bossa Nova, Mood Ring, and Nowadays.

Welcome to Osmosis in the trees

Osmosis in the Trees asks first and foremost that you respect one another and the land 🙏

Osmosis is committed to being a safer space where racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, aggressive behavior and unwanted touching are not tolerated. We're counting on everyone to bring a positive, communal attitude of respect and care for each other as we come together to create this space.

Keep in mind that there is zero tolerance for theft, vandalism or violence. You will be banished forever if you break this rule.

Ticket info

Admission is limited to presale. No tickets will be sold at the door.
  • July 1st ~ Early Bird - $145
  • August 1st - $165
  • September 1st - $185

All attendees must be 21+

An ID that matches your ticket will be required for entry. If you use a different name than your ID, please be able to show the purchase confirmation email.

We have a limited number of discounted tickets available for those experiencing economic hardship. If the price of admission is prohibitive to your attendance and you'd like to come, please reach out. We’d love to have you!

If you want to help pay for someone else’s ticket, donations of any amount can be sent via Cashapp to $alfasenturi. Be sure to include the message: “community support”

If you’d like a refund or want to transfer a ticket to a friend, reach out to us by September 14. Help us maintain a safer space by not selling your tickets to anyone you don't know or trust.


Out n’ About Treesort
300 Page Creek Road,
Cave Junction, OR 97523

Take I-5 exit 55 or 58 for Grants Pass. From Grants Pass take Hwy 199 for 28 mi. to Cave Junction. South of Cave Junction, about 1/2 of a mile, take a left on Rockydale Road. Go 7.5 miles to the stop sign, this is Waldo Road, make a left. About a mile to the next stop sign, make a right on Takilma Road, in 2.5 miles you will see a sign for Out ‘n About on the left. Turn left and go about 1/4 mile, you will see mailboxes and 300 Page Creek Rd. Turn left on the gravel road and take it to the end.

On HWY 199 turn right just past the flashing light and old cop car at the O’Brien store onto O’Brien st. O’Brien street dead ends on Waldo Rd. Take a right onto Waldo Rd. Stay on Waldo for about 4 miles until you hit the stop sign at Takilma Rd. Make a right on Takilma Road, in 2.5 miles you will see Page Creek Road on the left, turn left and go about 1/4 mile, you will see mailboxes and 300 Page Creek Rd. turn left on the gravel road and take it to the end.

If you use Google Maps to travel to Out n’ About, please note that it will direct you to turn one road too early. Continue past this road about .25 miles and you will see the main Out n About entrance indicated by a sign. Alternatively use this pin to navigate to the entrance.

Driving & Parking

Osmosis in the trees is a 4-5 hours drive from Portland depending on traffic. There will be ample free parking on site. The road leading up to the venue can get a bit congested so we recommend getting there early! Carpooling is strongly encouraged.


There are 2 options for lodging for the duration of the festival:
  1. Camping, which is included with admission, or
  2. Renting a treehouse

Camping is included with every Osmosis in the Trees admission ticket. Camping areas are located throughout several large fields directly adjacent to the treehouse area.

For those seeking the ultimate experience, a limited number of bespoke treehouses are available for rent, offering an elevated perspective amidst nature's embrace. Email us for info on availability and check out treehouses.com to see a menu of  treehouses.

We all love to party, but we all need to rest sometimes. Please be mindful of your noise in camping areas during the early morning hours.

Check-in / out

Check-in begins at 3pm on Friday and all attendees must depart the property by 3pm on Sunday.

On arrival, an attendant will check your ticket and direct you towards a camping area or your treehouse.

Leave no trace

Respect for the site is essential and we need all attendees to help us maintain the natural beauty of the grounds - this means no glitter, confetti, etc. Leave No Trace - ample trash, recycling, and compost cans will be provided. Fully clean your cabin or campsite when you go. Do not leave any trash on the ground, period. Cigarette butts must be fully extinguished and properly disposed of. Please do not throw butts in the fire pit. This is our first time working with the venue, let’s do this right so we can all come back next year :-)

Smoking is allowed in the tree village area. There is absolutely no smoking in the fields or woods surrounding it, including the stages. This is no joke. The surrounding area is extremely prone to wildfires and you don’t want to be the jerk who causes one. We will very actively enforce this policy and reserve the right to immediately eject anyone who does not comply. Finally, please do not smoke in the treehouses. It is against property policy.


There will be ample portable toilets situated throughout campsites and in the treehouse village.


There is a beautiful natural pool on site. No lifeguards on duty so please look out for one another. Swimming after dark is not allowed.

Don’t forget to bring a towel and a bathing suit if you’d like to take a dip!


Food cart vendors will be available every day with affordable meat, vegetarian, and vegan options. You are welcome to bring your own food to prepare in the camping area.


There will be a care tent on site stocked with first aid supplies, Narcan, ear protection, fentanyl test trips, gum, and more. The care tent also provides a safe, comfortable and soothing space for anyone feeling overwhelmed.

If anything or anyone makes you feel unsafe or overwhelmed, find one of our care team members for support. At night, they’ll have green glow bracelets at the back of the dance floors. They carry earplugs, gum, glucose packets and electrolyte tablets. If you need help during the day, please approach the care tent, security, or a bartender. Don’t hesitate to seek their help for issues big or small.

We have a wonderful and supportive community. Let’s all look out for each other!

Drinking water will be available at various sites throughout the property. Remember that humans physiologically require sleep.

What to bring

Cash/Card/ID - Some vendors and food trucks accept cards and electronic payments, but some beverage vendors may not. Since there are few outlets for phone charging and cell service is limited, vendors may have trouble processing payments as well. As a result, we recommend you bring cash to the event. In some instances precious metals may be accepted as well.

Waterproof camping tent, sleeping pad, blanket/sleeping bag - We don’t expect rain, but be prepared for it.

Warm clothes, extra socks, shoes & rain gear - daytime temperatures in Takilma in early autumn are usually quite warm, but the nights can get chilly.

Refillable water bottle - Free drinking water will be readily available throughout the site.

Flashlight or Headlamp - There will be ambient lighting throughout the grounds, but much of the site will be dark at night and you’ll walk through the woods a lot.

Swimsuit and towel - There is a natural swimming pool on site. Swimming after dark is not allowed.

External battery - Outlets might be hard to come by. Charge up and come prepared.

Sunscreen, bugspray, wet wipes, and anything else you need to feel comfortable camping outdoors.

A good attitude - All are welcome at Osmosis in the trees. Please treat attendees and staff in a kind and respectful manner. This is family.

Do NOT bring

Absolutely No: Weapons, dogs or other pets, fireworks, confetti/glitter, personal sound systems or instruments, glow sticks, etc.

Open flames of any kind are prohibited. This means no candles or fires at your campsite, folks. If you prefer to bring and cook your own food, you may use a camp stove, but please, please remember that this area is a tinderbox. Cook on a sturdy flat surface above the ground. Turn your stove off immediately after use. Use good judgment.

A bad attitude - Discriminatory behavior, cruel or abusive language, aggression towards others, burdensome entitlement, and leering will get you kicked out and banned from future events.

No pets, children, or people without tickets. Seriously, NO DOGS, there are farm dogs on the property that don’t take kindly to unfamiliar animals.

What if it rains?

It’s the end of the summer season, so come prepared! All 3 stages are outside. If the weather is looking really bad, then we will make an effort to have covered areas as much as possible to keep everyone comfy.

Historically there is a very small percentage chance of rain in Takilma for this particular weekend.

Lost & Found

Security will hold on to items turned in for lost and found. If you lose something, find a security person or other event staff (i.e. person with walkie talkie) and they will help you.

Press & Photography

If you would like to create any media related to Osmosis in the trees (photo series, written features, etc.), please get in touch for approval beforehand.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who have offered their support! With your generous response, we have successfully filled all the available slots for now.


It takes a village!

We’d like to thank the organizers: Ian and Jake; the creative team: Hasan (visuals), Murphy (installations and set), Mike (visual design), and Emma (installations and set); Chelsea for taking the lead in harm reduction; lighting by Spencer and George; artist installations by Tori and Morgan; Socials by Jessica; security by MJ.

Thank you to our community and volunteers that make all of this possible :-)
Osmosis in the trees 2023
Takilma, OR
Sep 29 - Oct 1

© Osmosis in the trees 2023.
© Osmosis in the trees 2023